The Funds

Funding your project:

The four Ray Wind Funds are described here. In the event of any query, or to seek advice before submitting a proposal, call or email the Ray Wind Funds administrator: Jo Willis on 07762 179579 or email

The Community Benefit Fund

The Community Benefit Fund to support charitable projects, businesses and community organisations which have the potential to deliver projects which are relevant to the needs of the communities in the area of benefit and provide a clear Community Benefit, awards of £500 to £20,000 will be awarded, larger amounts can be considered.

This fund incorporates an allocation to maintain the objectives of the former Small Grants Programme (SGP) administered by Community Foundation Tyne & Wear.

The Community Benefit Fund (CBF)  This fund is administered by the Ray Windfarm Fund CIC. It is open to charities, businesses and organisations who are able to deliver tangible community benefit relevant to the needs of the communities in the area of benefit.

  • Applicants must normally have a formal constitution, but small grants, with a minimum of £500 up to a maximum of £1000 may be made to enable individuals to undertake clearly defined projects of benefit to the community.
  • All applications are a two-stage process the first of which is to complete an enquiry form. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement within 10 days which will indicate the next date for consideration of applications.
  • It is expected that the CIC Board will meet on up to six occasions a year to consider applications.

However, the Fund cannot support activities that:

  • promote the advancement of religion or politics
  • solely support animal welfare
  • should have access to public funding as measured by reference to provision made by the relevant public funder in other areas where that funder operates
  • primarily benefit people resident outside the Fund area of benefit
  • are contrary to the interests of Vattenfall or its subsidiaries
  • are likely to bring Vattenfall or its subsidiaries into disrepute
  • relate solely or mainly to repayment of loans or payment of debts or
  • will take place or have been paid for, before a decision has been made on an application (retrospective funding).

In assessing applications the CIC will also have regard to the following factors, not all of which will be relevant in every case:

  • extent of local procurement of goods and services
  • opportunities for partnership working with other organisations
  • enhancement of local capacity for self-help
  • attraction of partnership or match funding

The CIC recognises that applications which are for over £20,000, or which have a longer-term strategic significance, may require sustained voluntary effort from members of the community and a more directly supportive approach from the CIC. Applicants are therefore asked to follow a two-stage process that will help the promoters of initiatives to get an early “in principle” steer from the CIC, establish a constructive dialogue, and give the CIC the opportunity to provide interim support that is tailored to the circumstances of individual projects.

Queries related to any of the available funds or for advice before submitting a proposal, call or email the Ray Wind Funds administrator: Jo Willis on 07762 179579 or email

Making an initial enquiry to the Community Benefit Fund

In the first instance, interested parties should submit a Preliminary Enquiry Form using the button below.

When your form is received you will be contacted to discuss the project and to gather more information from you.

The outline proposal will be reviewed by the Application Review Committee of the CIC to ascertain if there is potential to deliver sufficient community benefit in a cost-effective and sustainable way and to give you any guidance necessary to produce a substantive application in an agreed format. Where appropriate, CIC funding may be made available for the procurement of independent expertise to aid the applicant and/or the CIC.

After initial consideration of the submitted enquiry form a formal application form will be sent to suitable applicants.

The Small Donations Fund

The Small Donations Fund

For grants up to £500.

This ‘Small Donation Fund’ (SDF) is available for local groups and organisations to request a donation up to a maximum figure of £500.00 each grant year. A fund of £1,200 each year will be available to each Parish represented on the CIC Board (Bavington, Birtley, Corsenside, Elsdon, Kirkwhelpington, Otterburn). A total sum of £2,800 each year will be available for the Parishes outside the six represented on the CIC but within the catchment area of Ray Windfarm. (parts of Bellingham, Capheaton, Chollerton, Wallington Demesne, Rothley, Hollinghill and Hepple). See the map on the home page. Ask the administrator if you are not sure that you are included.

Requests for a donation could be to support such things as a children’s Christmas party, a coach trip for elderly residents, purchase of materials to help a group to operate or improve, a small local project, fundraisers.

Contact Jo Willis for more information on 07762 179579 or email

The Education Apprenticeship and Training Bursary (EAT)

The Education Apprenticeship and Training Bursary

The Education Apprenticeship and Training (EAT) Bursary is open to individuals over the age of 16 wishing to improve their employability prospects or develop a new career through further education, apprenticeships and training at all levels and to assist micro and small businesses to retain staff or create new employment opportunities.

Please contact Jo Willis for more information or to discuss whether you are eligible to apply, on 07762 179579 or email

The Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is intended to continue providing community benefit beyond the operational life of the wind farm.

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