To view the grants awarded from the Ray Wind Funds to May 2019

Here are a few comments from some of our recipients!

Due to the generosity of Ray Wind Funds, the children at Chollerton First School have been able to go on visits which have enhanced their learning in school and provided wonderful memories for them.

Transport is very expensive for rural schools and due to our grant we have been able to charge the minimum amount needed for educational visits.

Bellingham First School used our grant this term to fund transport to swimming. This meant that the price to parents was halved for the summer term.

It would be fantastic to be able to offer further financial ‘perks’ to our parents in the future ensuring our continued enthusiasm for school!

This is a very generous donation from the Ray Wind Funds and I am delighted that the local schools have been considered a good outlet for funding.

At both Otterburn and West Woodburn we take children from Year 1 to Year 4 and this will be extended to Year 5 when Otterburn becomes a primary in September and swim all year round.  The award would certainly help with the schools budget for this.

…the award will contribute greatly to the wealth of activities that we try to provide for the children at Cambo.

Thank you for your our work in this project; I am sure it will be of great benefit to the children at Belsay and the wider community

Our local schoolsRay Wind Funds donated £10,000 in spring 2019 shared by our local first schools.

Many thanks for helping out with this project! During the Christmas season 2019 over 60 young people took part in creating the CD and performing the songs in public. All the money raised from sales of the CD and tickets for concerts has been donated to charity.

Fiona LanderWhat Christmas is For

Corsenside Parish Show received £2,000 to support their traditional village show now in its 145th year.

Corsenside Parish Show