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What Can’t Be Funded?

We are sorry, but there are some things we are not allowed to fund:

  • contributions to general appeals or circulars
  • religious activity which is not for wider public benefit
  • political activity
  • public bodies to carry out their statutory obligation
  • activities which solely support animal welfare
  • activities which have already taken place
  • grant making by other organisations
  • privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited partnership
  • any activities likely to bring the reputation of Vattenfall or the Community Foundation into disrepute.

What Can Be Funded?

  • Developing community assets

    E.g. improving IT infrastructure; maintaining and developing village halls and community buildings; maintaining church buildings)

  • Boosting the local economy

    E.g. support services for new and existing local businesses; developing community businesses; tourist development

  • Improving local quality of life

    E.g. local leisure and sport activities; extra-curricular provision in schools; apprenticeships and training for young people

  • Looking after the environment

    E.g. creating nature trails; protecting local animals and plants; clearing waterways