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The Small Donations Fund

Mini grants up to £500

This ‘Small Donation Fund’ (SDF) is available for local groups and organisations to request a donation up to a maximum figure of £500.00 each grant year. A fund of £1,200 each year will be available to each Parish represented on the CIC Board (Bavington, Birtley, Corsenside, Elsdon, Kirkwhelpington, Otterburn). A total sum of £2,800 each year will be available for the Parishes outside the six represented on the CIC but within the catchment area of Ray Windfarm ( parts of Bellingham, Capheaton, Chollerton, Wallington Demesne, Rothley, Hollinghill and Hepple. See the map on the home page. Ask the administrator if you are not sure that you are included).

Requests for a donation could be to support such things as a children’s Christmas party, a coach trip for elderly residents, purchase of materials to help a group to operate or improve, a small local project fundraisers

How to apply for a donation from this fund

To make a request contact the Ray Wind Funds Administrator by email at, using the contact form or telephone 07762 179 579.

You will be asked for the following information:

  • The amount of money you are you asking for
  • The reason you need it
  • Those who will benefit from the donation
  • The parish you live in
  • The date you need the money

If your request is recommended by the Ray Wind Funds director representing your parish it will be sent for approval to the Board. Once approved you will be asked to complete a very simple form and payment will be made very quickly to your verified bank account.

Local Initiatives Fund Criteria and Eligibility

The Local Initiatives Fund (LIF)  This fund is administered by the Ray Windfarm Fund CIC and is not restricted to charitable activities. It is open to businesses and organisations who are able to deliver tangible community benefit relevant to the needs of the communities in the area of benefit.

  • Applicants must normally have a formal constitution, but small grants, with a minimum of £500 up to a maximum of £1000 may be made to enable individuals to undertake clearly defined projects of benefit to the community.
  • All applications are a two-stage process the first of which is to complete an enquiry form. Applicants will receive an acknowledgement within 10 days which will indicate the next date for consideration of applications.
  • It is expected that the CIC Board will meet on up to six occasions a year to consider applications.

What Can’t Be Funded?

We are sorry, but there are some things we are not allowed to fund:

  • contributions to general appeals or circulars
  • religious activity which is not for wider public benefit
  • political activity
  • public bodies to carry out their statutory obligation
  • activities which solely support animal welfare
  • activities which have already taken place
  • grant making by other organisations
  • privately owned and profit-distributing companies or limited partnership
  • any activities likely to bring the reputation of Vattenfall or the Community Foundation into disrepute.

What Can Be Funded?

  • Developing community assets

    E.g. improving IT infrastructure; maintaining and developing village halls and community buildings; maintaining church buildings)

  • Boosting the local economy

    Unfortunately at present we are unable to accept applications for business development. However we hope in future to support services for new and existing local businesses; developing community businesses; tourist development. This should be available from late spring 2020

  • Improving local quality of life

    E.g. local leisure and sport activities; extra-curricular provision in schools; apprenticeships and training for young people

  • Looking after the environment

    E.g. creating nature trails; protecting local animals and plants; clearing waterways