About Ray Wind Funds

The Ray Wind Farm, operated by Vattenfall, sits on the Ray Estate in Northumberland. It comprises 16 turbines generating 54.4 megawatts of electricity to the National Grid annually, and will continue to do so for the next 25 years – the life of the Wind Farm.

For every year of its working life, Vattenfall will donate money to the rural communities that fall within the catchment area of the Wind Farm, largely the parishes of Bavington, Birtley, Corsenside, Elsdon, Kirkwhelpington, Otterburn, or within 10km of the Wind Farm i.e. ‘the Area of Benefit’.   The annual figure donated is £5,000 per megawatt of generated output, index-linked, for the life of the Wind Farm – more than £250,000 per year, commencing in 2018.

To ensure the transparent distribution of funds within the communities, a Community Interest Company has been established with Board members representing each of six parish councils within the catchment area, plus seven lay members appointed to further represent their respective communities. Each will serve a term of three years (renewable). The Community Interest Company (CIC) is legally registered and is accountable to Vattenfall.

There are four funds: The Community Benefit Fund to support charitable projects, businesses and community organisations which have the potential to deliver projects which are relevant to the needs of the communities in the area of benefit and provide a clear Community Benefit, awards of £500 to £20,000 can be considered, larger amounts can be considered. This fund incorporates an allocation to maintain the objectives of the former Small Grants Programme. The Small Donations Fund (SDF) for requests of up to £500 from local groups with a simplified application process. The Education Apprenticeship and Training (EAT) Bursary is open to individuals over the age of 16 wishing to improve their employability prospects or develop a new career through further education, apprenticeships and training at all levels and to assist micro and small businesses to retain staff or create new employment opportunities. Finally the Legacy Fund.    Go to FUNDS to find out more.

Funding Map

Community-Benefit Agreement map from Vattenfall

See the grants we have already awarded to our local communities.

The Ray Windfarm Fund CIC – Board of Directors

Chair David Burn Birtley Parish CouncilMember of the Application Review Committee and Finance and General Purposes Committee
Chair of the Small Grants Approval Panel
Vice ChairPaul CowieElsdon Parish Council Chair of the Application Review Committee
Company SecretaryMartin ChilversOtterburn Parish CouncilMember of the Finance and General Purposes Committee
TreasurerChris RobsonLay memberChair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee
Peter Ramsden Bavington Parish CouncilMember of the Application Review Committee
Sarah CroneLay memberMember of the Application Review Committee
Lesley Gosling Lay member Member of the Application Review Committee
Martin Dickson-GreenLay memberMember of the Application Review Committee
Alison ThomsonCorsenside Parish Council representativeMember of the Finance and General Purposes Committee
Katie WoodLay memberMember of the Finance and General Purposes Committee
Deb WaltonLay memberMember of the Application Review Committee
Rev Sarah LunnLay member

The Ray Wind Funds administrator: Jo Willis

Enquiries to the administrator may be redirected by her to the Ray Wind Funds Director taking specific responsibility for the topic of your funding application, to give you further advice and support.


How Do I Get Funding for Our Community Project?

If you would like to make an application, please visit our ‘The Funds‘ page for further information, such as eligibility, what can and cannot be funded and the grants available.

For awards up to £500.

The future is bright.

The Ray Wind Funds are here to help and support our local community. With your help we can make a difference.
If you have any questions regarding the funds available please don’t hesitate to contact us.